Examining the Health Care Industry - An interview with Steve Crain, Senior Equity Analyst
While often viewed as a defensive play for investors during times of market turmoil, Health Care has been the best performing sector for Adams Diversified Equity Fund for the past two years, underscoring the growing appeal of the industry regardless of market conditions. Technological advancements and evolving delivery models – not to mention attractive demographics thanks to an aging baby boomer population – should continue to drive excitement in the space for the foreseeable future. Steve Crain, Adams Funds health care analyst, discusses his views on trends and advances in the health care industry.
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What happens to stocks when interest rates rise? It may not be what you think.
No one, with the possible exceptions of Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen or Vice Chair Stanley Fischer, can say with any certainty whether the Fed will raise the interest rate this year.
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Patient energy investors will be rewarded - reaching an inflection point in oil supply
What a difference a year makes. In June 2014, oil and gas companies were benefiting from a remarkably stable three-year oil price of $96 per barrel for West Texas Intermediate (WTI). Few in the industry suspected that a collapse in oil prices was looming. Yet the next month, rising U.S. supply triggered the beginning of an oil price slide that accelerated dramatically when Saudi Arabia refused to cut production at the November OPEC meeting. The slide continued into 2015 dropping to $39 by August.
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The Rewards of Reinvestment
Benjamin Franklin, in 1748, offered some sage guidance as it relates to money and investing in his essay: "Advice to a Young Tradesman". “Remember that money is of a prolific generating nature,” he wrote. “Money can beget money, and its offspring can beget more, and so on.”
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Basic Materials Insight - An interview with Mike Kijesky, Senior Equity Analyst
With previous experience in chemical engineering, Senior Equity Analyst Mike Kijesky, CFA is well equipped to evaluate the complex issues facing the basic materials companies. Mike puts his analytical skills to use identifying attractive investment opportunities for Adams Funds. In this interview, he discusses his current view on the rapidly changing dynamics in this sector.
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