Alternative Investor Information Interview with Mark Stoeckle
In addition to our two internally-managed closed-end funds (NYSE: ADX and PEO), we also sub-advise a U.S. small cap fund for European and Asian investors for UBP Asset Management (Europe). Our CEO, Mark Stoeckle, explains how the fund came to be and how our long history of helping investors reach their goals informs its investment approach.
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Finding Opportunities in the Cloud
We believe the new and evolving capabilities available through the cloud should provide investment opportunities for years to come. Click below to read our latest Insight focused on understanding the benefits and potential of cloud computing.
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The Case for Natural Resource Equities
There are many reasons to be bullish about natural resources, and we think Lucas White and Jeremy Grantham of GMO captured the best of them in this recent white paper. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the authors. Click below to read.
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Adams Funds
Low-cost, Active Management

The Princeton economist Burton Malkiel is probably the most recognized advocate for passive investing strategies and has been since he published “A Random Walk Down Wall Street” some 40-plus years ago.
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Closed-End Funds – Discover an Attractive Investment Opportunity
CEFs allow investors to access professionally-managed portfolios, often at a discount to the value of the underlying assets. Investment funds come in all shapes and sizes providing investors with the ability to diversify their investments. By far, the largest category of investment funds are mutual funds, which collectively hold over $16 trillion in assets. More recently, exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, have gained credibility as an option to gain exposure to a particular index or sector. However, the first pooled investment vehicles were actually closed-end funds, or CEFs, which offer a fixed number of shares and trade on the exchanges just like the stocks of individual companies.
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