The FANG Rally in Perspective
This year, technology stocks have been the primary driver of returns for the S&P 500 Index. The outperformance of the FANG stocks, in particular, has led many to question if these stocks have run too far, too fast.
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The Effects of Rising Interest Rates
The Federal Reserve has indicated that the period of extremely low interest rates, which began with the financial crisis in 2008, was nearing an end and that it would begin to gradually raise rates.
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Taking the Temperature of the Consumer
An interview with David R. Schiminger, Senior Equity Analyst

Retail has always been a seasonal business and most consumer companies live and die based on their performance during the holiday shopping season. Last year, as Cyber Monday overtook Black Friday as the preferred holiday shopping date and venue, a number of themes have emerged that reflect the ongoing evolution of today’s consumer. Our interview with Consumer analyst, Dave Schiminger, provides insight about the significant shift in the way people spend money.
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The Next President of the United States – Donald J. Trump
After a long and contentious election cycle, Donald Trump claimed victory Tuesday night, marking the return of the Republican Party to the highest political office. President-Elect Trump ran a campaign that emphasized his “outsider” status, stressing the fact that he was not a traditional candidate.
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Alternative Investor Information Interview with Mark Stoeckle
In addition to our two internally-managed closed-end funds (NYSE: ADX and PEO), we also sub-advise a U.S. small cap fund for European and Asian investors for UBP Asset Management (Europe). Our CEO, Mark Stoeckle, explains how the fund came to be and how our long history of helping investors reach their goals informs its investment approach.
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