How the Rise of Netflix Has Reshaped the Media Industry
Now that consumers can get their favorite TV shows through the internet, they are cutting the cord at growing rates. Traditional media companies are scrambling to keep up with the changes, which has led to significant consolidation in the industry.
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As Oil Prices Recover, an Evolving Thesis: An Interview with Energy Analysts Greg Buckley and Mike Kijesky
The oil industry has changed significantly over the past five years due to growth in U.S. shale production driven by innovations in drilling. Adams Funds analysts, Greg Buckley and Mike Kijesky, provide their take on the current state of the Energy sector and the variables that will influence performance over the near-term.
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Asset Allocation Provides Discipline to Meet Long-Term Objectives
It’s not that stock selection doesn’t matter, but asset allocation has a far bigger impact on long-term performance.
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The Rewards of a Long-Term Approach in the 24-Hour News Cycle Era
As headlines become more sensational, investors should recognize how the 24-hour news cycle can negatively impact long-term returns.
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The Case Against Market Timing
It’s human nature to try to optimize performance; however, when it comes to investing, a disciplined, long-term approach wins.
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