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Provide your clients with long-term, trusted investment opportunities.

Adams Funds have been trusted by investors for generations. In fact, our two closed-end funds - Adams Diversified Equity Fund, previously known as The Adams Express Company, and Adams Natural Resources Fund, previously known as Petroleum & Resources Corporation - have delivered attractive returns, paid dividends for over 80 years, and are committed to an annual distribution rate of at least 6%. The Funds’ success results from a time-tested philosophy carried out by experienced and knowledgeable investment professionals employing a disciplined approach to identify investment opportunities and carefully manage risk. Our skilled investment team can help your clients achieve their diversification goals with our broadly-diversified fund, Adams Diversified Equity Fund. Investors seeking to capitalize on long-term demand for energy and materials can find it in our Adams Natural Resources Fund.

Your clients invest for a purpose - whether it’s to fund a college education, new home or retirement. Whatever the reason, our shareholders count on us to help them reach their goals. They trust us not just with their money, but with the promises they make to themselves, their children, and their grandchildren. Find out more today about investing in Adams Funds and see why generations of investors have put their trust in us.

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