How To Invest

The shares of Adams Diversified Equity Fund (Ticker Symbol: ADX) and Adams Natural Resources Fund (Ticker Symbol: PEO) are listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Shares may be bought and sold through registered investment security dealers such as your broker.

Brokers also offer dividend reinvestment programs through which your shares held in a brokerage account can grow. Contact your broker to determine what options are available to you and are most suitable to your investment goals.

In addition, AST, the transfer agent for Adams Funds, offers a Direct Purchase Plan for shares of Adams Diversified Equity Fund and Adams Natural Resources Fund. The Plan allows registered stockholders and interested first-time investors to buy and sell shares and to reinvest dividends and capital gains automatically.

To enroll in the Direct Purchase Plan, you may contact AST by telephone at (877) 260.8188 for ADX or (866) 723.8330 for PEO, or click below to access Plan materials: